History of the Club

Strathpeffer Spa Golf Club was founded in 1888 during a period when the Spa was gaining in popularity as a health resort. It lies in Ulladale among the hills on land belonging to the the Cromartie Estate, five minutes walk uphill from Strathpeffer village square.

Play was originally over 9 holes but in 1896 the Club resolved that it be extended to 18 holes. Tom Morris of St. Andrews, "the grand old man of golf" was brought in specially to lay it out.

The 9 hole course


The old clubhouse

It was a proud day in 1903 when members attended the opening of their new clubhouse by Mrs Stewart Mackenzie of Seaforth. Originally golfers used an old cottage, or croft house, now demolished. The building was built from plans drawn up by Dingwall architect W.C. Joass.

Before long further improvements were in hand with the re-designing of the of the inward hald in 1907/08. The location of the greens has remained virtually unaltered since then.

Massy v Herd

On September 12th 1907 the famous Massy v Herd match was played to commemorate the latest upgrading of the course, and a record round was created. Arnaud Massy of Golf Club Boulie, Versaille and the open champion, and Alex Herd of Huddersfiedl Golf Club played two exhibition matches. Herd beat the champion by 5 and 4 and 2 and 1 making a record round of 66 (match play). Later, in letters to the club, both men praised the course warmly. Alex Herd said "I never saw anything prettier!" Arnaud Massy wrote: "Je certifie que la course est magnifique".

Modern Times

In 1968 an ambitious plan was put into effect to improve the facilities. Living accommodation for a resident Steward and Stewardess was built and the clubroom bar was brought up to standard. The verandah was removed and the old pine lockers were taken away. The changes were complete by 1974 when the Earl of Cromartie performed an opening ceremony in front of a large crowd.

The 1980s heralded more improvements with the conversion of an old peat bog into a modern irrigation pond. New paths were laid across the course and a car park built at number 9 green to make it easier for elderly or infirm members and visitors to reach the top of the course.

Recent Improvements

In 2003 the Club's current clubhouse opened, built mainly by members themselves. The clubhouse is the building with the pink roof in the image below:

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